Peugeot Onyx – Maybe for 2016 year

With the new concept, the French will dangerously threaten international manufacturers of super sports cars. Truly a unique model will be Peugeot Onyx.


The designers and engineers at Peugeot show their maximum capability and features. Only when you look at the external appearance of the model Onyx, it shows itself. This car can be called a masterpiece. Elegance, aggressive and offensive attitude were merged into one. Super sports car. The materials used in the assembled are incredibly good quality. The wings are made of copper, and by handmade. The residue is made of a carbon fiber and a polymethyl methacrylate. Therefore, the total weight is only 2,425 pound.

Peugeot Onyx - exterior

On the front are built extra LED lights. A narrow but very aggressive form. Bumper is sharp with the role of spoiler, while the mask is very subtle and elegant. The hood is a specially designed, for perfect aerodynamics. The roof is a different story. From the mountains are built special openings for air circulation. Peugeot Onyx is 183 inches long, has a width of 86.6 inches and a height of 44.5 inches. The company Mischelin made sure that the car receives adequate tires. On the front side will be placed 275/30 tires, while on the rear side will be 3415/30.

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It’s hard to explain with words the appearance of the cabin. Unreal space equipped with parts that have not been seen in any other vehicle. This is a very compact space that can hold two passengers. Comfort is at a high level. The body of the driver is positioned very low, just like in a real race car. The steering wheel is also sporty, rectangular but with rounded corners. It has a smaller screen and certain commands to manage. Just above there is a control panel illuminated with blue LED light. Everything is fully digitalized. Of course, in accordance with the design and all parts of the interior.

Peugeot Onyx - interior 1

Each surface is soft and pleasant to the touch. There are no concrete data on the scope of equipment and systems that will be represented. But surely that would meet everyone’s needs. It should be noted instrument panel, which is made of a rarely used material. Probably material which has never been previously used in one vehicle. This is the Newspaper Wood, which is made up of old newspapers. When you look closely at the surface, can be observed the newspaper headlines. Button to start the engine is not in the usual place, beside the steering wheel. Located on the roof, in the middle, and you will have the feeling that you pilot a plane. There are also some control buttons. The space between the two seats is quite massive, possibly equipped with systems for telecommunications and musical atmosphere. On the center console, the designers have placed a glass bottle of perfume, because, after all these are the French. Masters of charm and seduction.

Peugeot Onyx - interior


This super car is equipped with a hybrid drive and one diesel engine. That is a 3.7-liter V8 FGAP HDi diesel engine with an output of 600 hp and torque of 855 lb / ft. Hybrid4 hybrid system is associated with a lithium ion battery and has a power of 80 hp and torque of 206 lb / ft. Diesel engine will transmit power to the rear wheels by a 6 speed sequential gearbox.

Peugeot Onyx - engine

On the other hand, the electric motor will transmit its power to the front wheels. Peugeot Onyx will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in an amazing 2.2 seconds. On the front wheels are set carbon brakes of 14.96 inches, while on the rear wheels are also carbon discs of 13.97 inches.

Peugeot Onyx - exterior 1


For a long time, stories have circulated about the super car that will be born in France Peugeot factory. The concept is shown but production has not yet begun. But that moment is getting closer. Price is a different story. The figure will not be small, but probably quite high. And it’s quite high. Because the company has spent an incredibly high sums of money to revive the concept. Will this car be determined worthy competitor, is still speculation.

Peugeot Onyx - release date

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