BMW S 1000 XR Review and Performances

Bavarian company BMW really has made plans when it comes to a new motorcycle model BMW S 1000 XR. This motorcycle, tells a story of adventure.

Motorcycle BMW S 1000 XR Design and Specs

Very good sales and great popularity is related to this bike. In 2015 recorded good sales. It was sold 5,061 copies, though the bike was not on the market throughout the whole year. It makes 3.9% of total sales.

The new model represents the freedom and aggression on two wheels. This is an ideal combination of sport and enduro motorcycles. It will provide excellent performance and an unforgettable adventure to the driver. The design is stylish, with excellent blended color combinations. It is one of the most attractive motorcycles from the BMW company. It is very unique and exceptional. When you look at it, you can only expect a sports adventure. In the class will certainly fulfill all the expectations and climb to the very top. Time definitely works for BMW S 1000 XR.

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Details are very specific and done with great dedication. Finishing is laudable, but the designers and engineers deserve a congratulations. On the front are well-designed light, while the line is very compact and provides excellent aerodynamics. In the world of two-wheelers, meets high standards. It is designed for a comfortable ride and an adventure through a variety of landscapes. It additionally provides a range of electronic systems and functions. Equipped with Rain and Road modes, traction control and ABS braking system. For those who love the wild ride it is available Pro Riding mode that extracts the maximum out of the bike. Modern technology is implemented in the right way.

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BMW S 1000 XR Engine Power

The bike is equipped with a 999 ccm engine and has an output of 160 hp or 118 kW. It has a torque of 112 Nm and electronic fuel injection. It can develop a maximum speed of about 124 mph.

At a speed of 55 mph on the traveled route of 60 miles will spend about 1.4 gallons of fuel.

At a speed of 75 mph on the traveled route of 60 miles will spend about 1.5 gallons of fuel.

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Performances and Statistics for BMW S 1000 XR

As for the transmission, BMW S 1000 XR is equipped with a multi-plate clutch with anti-hopping mechanism. This is a 6-speed transmission. For transmission is set chain with a ratio of 17/45.

The frame is made of a composite aluminum, while the front and rear suspension is adjustable for height and hardness. Wheels are made of high quality aluminum in size from 17 inches. The wheel has turning angle of 64.5 As for braking, work is done at the top level. At the front are the two ventilated discs and floating calipers. On the rear is the one disk and dual-piston floating calipers.

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BMW S 1000 XR has a length of 86 inches, the width with the rear-view mirrors

of 37 inches, a height of 55.5 inches, and the wheelbase is 61 inches. Motorcycle has a weight, when the tank is loaded, of 502 pounds.

Motorcycle will provide you with an unforgettable satisfaction with low or medium engine speeds, even when you have a passenger.

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Price for BMW S 1000 XR

Only left to count about $ $ 17,000 and become a proud owner of an attractive and very functional bike, such as BMW S 1000 XR.

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