2017 Range Rover Sport Release Date

The British will prepare a new 2017 Range Rover Sport in the right way. This luxury mid-size SUV comes with renewed all segments.


Every vehicle that carries the name of the Range Rover deserves some respect. Always with the quality, in line with modern times and with excellent performance. Sales has always been good. Credits definitely belong to the engineers and designers who care for good image and quality. For drivers in America is always interesting for shopping. During last year was sold 21.459 copies in the territory of America, and 2.680 copies in Canada. This year has also started well for this SUV. The US market has already recorded 1.361 units sold.

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The new Range Rover Sports brings a new look and modified chassis. Promises a new range of high-quality colors, as redesigned panoramic roof. Lighting has also been improved. On the front side will be aggressive headlamps with LED lighting, while the rear part will be also decorated with the LED light in fantastic shape. Lighting is arranged to illuminates the entire vehicle, particularly when standing. So that passengers in the evening, with no problem will see where the barn when entering or leaving the vehicle. The front bumper gets a new, updated forms with improved openings for air circulation. Decorative elements are made of carbon fiber. Are set around mirrors, exhaust system and on the front cover. These are the expected changes in design compared to the outgoing model. The construction should be of aluminum, at least as it was announced from the company. It will be something that does not offer any vehicle from this group. In this way, the weight will be reduced. Dimensions should be also little changed. This primarily refers to the length, which will be increased, as well as the wheelbase.

2017 Range Rover Sport - exterior

The interior has been updated and conveniently with a lot of taste. Inserted are new equipment packages that are better and more modern. Super luxury SUV is spacious and very comfortable to drive. The concept layout of seats should be changed. Or in the cabin could accommodate seven passengers. The seats are comfortable, with good ergonomics and controls for electrically operated. Represented are only the best materials. They are represented by elegant lines, details of wood, chrome and aluminum. All that is part of a luxury vehicle. The steering wheel is equipped with many keys, while the central part occupies a touchscreen. Immediately below is the existence of control for air conditioning. Equipment modernization took it under it. A very important is the InControl infotainment system. It is based on Apple CarPlay system and is compatible with iPhone devices but also with Smart phones. This means that you can use appropriate applications, play music from your phone and much more. Also will be available the use of Internet, voice commands, a good audio player, hands-free calling, navigation and much more.

2017 Range Rover Sport - interior






CITY / HWY mpg

3.0L V6

340 hp

332 lb/ft

8 Speed Automatic

17 / 22 mpg

3.0L Turbo Diesel

254 hp

440 lb/ft

8 Speed Automatic


5.0L V8 Supercharged

510 hp

461 lb/ft

8 Speed Automatic

14 / 19 mpg

The first engine accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, and has the maximum speed of 130 mph.

V8 engine accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in about 5 seconds. Top speed is estimated at around 140 mph.

2017 Range Rover Sport - engine

The company is planning the launch and a hybrid version of the SUV. Under the hood should have a 3.0-liter TD V6 diesel engine with an output of around 245 hp and an electric motor with an output of about 94 hp. The total power could be around 339 hp. The battery could have a capacity of 14.2 kWh

, which provides about 18 miles of driving only on electric energy.


The new Range Rover Sport promises and new security systems. What is expected from all drivers. Something will certainly happen. There are no official information but innovations are inevitable. It is expected All Terrain Progress Control, then Auto Access height system, ABS, airbags, adaptive shock absorbers, active stabilizer that will take care of tilting in curves. For that part is also responsible Torque Vectorin to inhibit the inner wheel, while the rear differential will be active.

Australian security company, ANCAP, conducted a safety test for model Range Rover Sport. The results are very good. Of the total 37 points, SUV won 36.19. The test Front Offset received 15.19 of the total 16 points.

2017 Range Rover Sport - safety


Competition in this segment is fierce. All are good quality and very modern vehicles. Some are expensive, some a little less. As the main competitors will appear Infiniti QX80, Mercedes-Benz G, Lincoln Navigator. Mercedes-Benz GL and Cadillac Escalade ESV.

2017 Range Rover Sport - competitors


Several different variants of the model Range Rover Sport is scheduled to appear on the market. All the difference will be in equipment and some small things on the exterior. These models are S, SE and HSE. Planned presentations could take place this autumn, if everything goes according to plan. Prices will depend mainly on the equipment. But the basic model could cost around $ 65,000.

2017 Range Rover Sport - release date

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