2017 Honda Civic Coupe and Sedan

From model 2017 Honda Civic is expected to be the most competitive model in the C segment. It has been declared the best design that leads to great success.


All models from Honda are very popular around the world. Bargain is perfect, so many drivers opt for Honda. Sales on the American territory each year it gets better, so engineers and designers can be complacent. Last year, the US market has sold 325.981 copies of this car. That is about 1,000 units less than in 2013. For now been sold 277.538 vehicles and probably that figure will not exceed the figure of last year.



With all the changes Civic kept the sporty and futuristic design. Improved in almost all segments. Design changes lead to big improvements of aerodynamics. Drag coefficient is supposed to be the lowest in the class. The front of the vehicle is designed to be a thought to the safety of pedestrians and aerodynamics. It descends at a steep angle from the windscreen to the bumper. In contrast to this, rear part is set high with a large glass. Attractive grille is connected with aggressive LED lights. What is changed at least is a shape of the side window. But compactness is retained. With modern light units at the rear end and refreshed exhaust system kept the sporty character. The body is made of high quality materials. Retains a certain rigidity but nevertheless excellent agility and good behavior on the road. Especially when cornering. Because what is natural for Honda Civic is precise and dynamic driving.

2017 Honda Civic - exterior

Tenth Generation gets redesigned interior with new details. This time is represented and several chrome highlights as a novelty. For the Japanese manufacturer so far it is not practiced in this model. Futuristic spirit has spread to the interior. But the style is quite mature compared to the outgoing model. Layout of the controls and parts is quite similar to the technological progress. The digital speedometer is located beneath the windscreen. The illuminated LED light is pleasant. Immediately below is a circular indicator which is digitized. There is a tachometer, engine temperature gauge and fuel level in the tank. The materials are high quality, soft and pleasant to drive. This primarily relates to the comfortable seats. Finishing is at the top of the class. Everything is very compact and perfect. Small sports steering wheel feels great in your hands and managing is a real pleasure. The equipment is very rich and includes all the necessary systems and options. For example, great importance has a camera that captures everything that is happening behind the car, then navigation, a good audio player, air conditioning, all the communication options, additional accessories and much more.

2017 Honda Civic - interior






CITY / HWY mpg


127 hp

200 lb/ft



1.5L Turbo 4 VTEC

173 hp

219 lb/ft




190 hp

170 lb/ft



Yet the most powerful engine will be located under the hood of sports model Honda Civic. It will carry the label S. Should have a capacity of about 280 hp and torque of 282 lb / ft. Drivers will be able to choose between manual and automatic gearboxes. The hybrid version has not been announced as possible.

2017 Honda Civic - engine


For the safety of vehicles and passengers will take care of a lot of systems and security features. That is a very rich safety equipment

. It is expected everything that follows modern vehicles. Foror example, ABS, cameras, systems for detecting possible danger, warning lane departure, airbags, sensors and much more. At certain safety tests Honda Civic has proven to be quite safe car that cares about its passengers.

At the test in Australia out of 16 points, Honda Civic won 15.03. What is definitely a great result. In a test crash, cabin has maintained its structure. During a frontal collision, the pedals and the steering wheel have moved forward but not enough to be fatal for the driver. On a side kick has showed maximum protection without possible injury.

2017 Honda Civic - safety 1

In the Euro NCAP crash test, the Honda Civic also won good results. Wins about 83 percent of the total points. On the frontal shot gets 94%, the safety of children in the special seat gets 83%, the safety of pedestrians only 69% and the safety assist about 86%. All in all there is no need for any concern related to safety.

2017 Honda Civic - safety


There are not even indications which date is associated with the model 2017 Honda Civic. This is likely to happen only in the second half of 2016. However, people will certainly have opportunity to see the vehicle at one of the world famous Motor Show. This month it might be the exhibition in Central Florida of 26 – 29th. Then in Phoenix, Arizona also of 26 – 29 in California from 20 – 22 and many others. As for Europe, always attracts a lot of attention a car show in Vienna, Austria. However, it is scheduled for January 14 next year. Price also can only guess. The basic model could cost around $ 20,000.

2017 Honda Civic - release date


The competition in this class is really dangerous and big. There stand out the Mazda 3, Scion iM, Volkswagen Jetta, Kia Soul, Kia Forte and Ford Focus.



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