2016 Dodge Dakota preview

In a short time, should arrive fully refreshed 2016 Dodge Dakota. It is a mid-size pickup truck, which is produced from back in 1987.

About 2016 Dodge Dakota

The market is emerging redesigned 2016 model Dodge. Due to declining sales, this pick-up truck stopped to be produced in 2009. In order to increase sales, it is quite understandable that the high hopes invested in a new model of car. Due to the high competitiveness, and consequently low sales in the US market, the manufacturer shall make an effort and invest additional resources to make this truck done competitively. From the redesigned exterior that will make that car look more modern, more attractive but also more aggressive, the manufacturer has high hopes. Will be produced in Mexico. It is expected that future owners provide greater fuel economy. What customers will not be too surprised by the appearance of the vehicle already known, but very reliable with more options and features than ever.

2016 Dodge Dakota - about

Release date and price 2016 Dodge Dakota

When will be on sale can be sure that it is claimed. It is assumed that it could be this fall. Price also is just a guess. The assumption is that could range from $ 40,000 for a base model, to $ 60,000. Strong competition can be a Dodge Ford Ranger, Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra.


2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior

One of the major changes is the use of light alloys under construction. In combination with a strong engine and more space for cargo transportation will be excellent as a delivery vehicle. On the front of the Dodge will be refreshed grille and headlights that give a more aggressive appearance. There will be lots of chrome details, from the front grilles and bars on the sides. Door of the trailer will be easier to open up and to be a ramp, which will greatly facilitate the loading of cargo. The weight is slightly increased, but as they say, it will not affect functionality. The body has 4 doors. There are also redesigned alloy wheels.

2016 Dodge Dakota - exterior

2016 Dodge Dakota Interior

The interior of the new model is designed so that the emphasis is on comfort and functionality of the vehicle. The equipment list is long: cruise control, LCD display, audio player, satellite navigation, ABS, air conditioning and multifunction steering wheel, windshield defroster etc. Great attention is focused on the space inside the vehicle. It will have 5 comfortable seats in all the options with a choice of materials in various qualities. Panels are digitized. The instrument panel is much nicer and more functional. In the center, between the driver and front passenger is a box for storing tools. The central part occupies the screen with a number of useful functions.

2016 Dodge Dakota - interior

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine

It is assumed that Dodge will not deviate much from its competitors when it comes to the drive unit. According to some information, 2016 Dodge Dakota will have a V6 engine

under the hood with a 4-cylinder that will generate a power of 210 HP. The engine will be integrated with the 5-speed or 6-speed transmission. The promise is that the company will make additional efforts to make this car more cost-effective in the area of ​​fuel consumption. The aim is that the average consumption is 30 mpg (7.8 l / 100 km). There will be a few more engine choice, such as 2.5-liter turbo diesel.

2016 Dodge Dakota - engine

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