2016 BMW 5 series Redesign and Equipment

Bavarian company will soon introduce a miracle on wheels. The public will meet 2016 BMW 5 series. It contains everything you need in a premium class.

About the 2016 BMW 5 series

Many drivers aim in life to drive a BMW 5 series. It is quite clear when you look at how the car looks. It represents an important detail the whole history of the German company BMW. It first appeared in 1972 as a luxury vehicle of medium size. The company has invested a lot of resources into new technological advances, so sales should be getting better. However, according to some statistics, sales of the 5 Series has declined relative to other classes from the same manufacturer. What is reasonable because the price plays a big role. In Europe, last year was sold 97,701 copies of this car. Which is about 10,000 fewer than in 2013. When completed this year then we’ll see what kind of statistics is.


2016 BMW 5 series Exterior and Interior Changes

It is known that the specific look of the new BMW 5 will be totally in line with the design of previous models. What we are used to. Getting a big front grille in two parts, as well as LED lights which rely on the mask. What is new is that the car will be placed on a platform that is used for 7 Series Sedan. That means only one thing. That the mass of vehicle will be reduced compared to the current model. It will be composed of aluminum and carbon fiber. Increased strength, and therefore safety. It has a luxurious character with many decorative details that are quite discreet but noticeable. Changes to the design are quite precise and functional.

2016 BMW 5 series - exterior

Changes will include cabin. With quality materials and increased equipment deserves top. The interior will be able to accommodate five passengers. Enjoying the ride will be complemented by soft, comfortable seats with lots of settings. The whole area offers an unforgettable pleasure and warmth of the living room. New details are impressive and quite functional. Central display is connected to the iDrive system and is framed by decorative chrome strips. Increased capacity bulkhead, compartments and cup holders. Technological innovations are very extensive and it is simply impossible to find something that is not in the cabin of the BMW 5 series. There is an internet connection that provides a host of additional services, voice controls, phone calls, adaptive cruise control, multi function steering wheel, excellent audio device etc.

2016 BMW 5 series - interior

2016 BMW 5 series Engine Power and Options





CITY / HWY mpg

2.0 L I - 4

241 hp

258 lb / ft

8 Speed Auromatic


1.5 L 3 - cylinder

180 hp

200 lb / ft

8 Speed Automatic

45 mpg on HWY

2.0 L + Electric Engine

242 hp

295 lb / ft

8 Speed Automatic


– Start/Stop system

– All-Wheel Drive

– Engine Oil Cooler

– From 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds

– Fuel Tank 18.5 gallons

– Direct injection

– Wheel Size 18 inches

Safety Features for 2016 BMW 5 series

For cars like the BMW 5 series should expect everything necessary for safe driving. All systems and functions for secure management. On the list will be Safety Lock for children, air bags, electronic stability control, ABS, traction control, tire pressure control was, BMW Assist eCall Emergency SOS and a lot more.

On the safety test which is conducted by the Institute for Highway Safety BMW 5 series received the rating “good”. At the crash test only complaint was placed on “Small overlap front” which is marked with the mark “M”. This means “Medium”. In the Euro NCAP crash test received almost 100% for total security.

2016 BMW 5 series - safety

Competitors for 2016 BMW 5 series

Competitor companies will have a serious task to compete with the BMW 5 serie. It is really fascinating. As the main competitors will appear:

Acura RLX, Hyundai Equus, Infiniti Q70, Jaguar XF, Lexus GS, Mercedes-Benz CLS class, Cadillac CTS, Audi A6 and Hyundai Genesis.

2016 BMW 5 series - competitors

Release Date and Price for 2016 BMW 5 series

German companies decided to transfer part of its production to Magna Steyr in Austria. There should be produced between 50 and 70 thousand copies. However, when production will start and when will this come at the specimen is not yet known. Price certainly will not be low. The basic model will not be below $ 50,000.

2016 BMW 5 series - release date

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